Well This Is Embarrassing

by SallyKat

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Before you listen to this, lower your expectations. Like a lot.


released October 13, 2016



all rights reserved


SallyKat Fort Worth, Texas

Annoying ukulele girl, disappointing everyone she's ever met since 1993.

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Track Name: Sad Girls
No one really knows or cares about who I am
I’ll probably finish college
but I’m not sure when

I talk a lot of shit for someone
who can’t even show up at a party
where her ex might be
I’d rather just go to sleep

I drink too much
But I can’t hold my liquor
I sleep too much
to make the time go by quicker
I don’t know how to deal
I don’t know how to deal with anything

I’ve got anxiety
and I wear it on my sleeve
these sad girls that I know
know what I mean
I’m told that this is typical
try not to act so pitiful
This isn’t who I want to be

Listen to Sprained Ankle in the dim light
trying not to rely
on this unhealthy dependency
I’m developing
to calm my nerves

I’m alone at waffle house
at 2am again
contemplating if I
even have any friends at all
Why don’t they call
Track Name: Super
I can’t scream like Black Canary
I’m not strong like Jessica Jones
I’m not an Amazonian warrior
I’m not Felicity Smoak

Huntress could kick my ass
and so could Black Cat
I’ll never be like that
I’ll never be Katana

Is it too much
to want to be
Able to save the day If need be
But I’ll never save the world
I’m not super
I’m just a girl

I don’t have a secret identity
or powers of any variety
Like Kitty Pryde or Spider Gwen
or weapons like Harley Quinn

I’m nothing like Sailor Moon
Okay well maybe but just like the crybaby part
And I’ll never fly like Supergirl
or slay vamps like Buffy Summers

I’ll never be an Avenger
or part of Justice League
never be the worlds defender
with the help of my team
Track Name: That One Friend
you only call me when theres no one else
only call me when there’s no one else
only call me when theres no one else
when no one else
will answer

you only care when it’s about you
only care when its about you
only care when is about you
sorry I know I don’t
matter like you do

You make plans and then you bail on me
you make plans and then you bail on me
you make plans and then you bail on me
every single time

I’m sick and tired of you acting like you love me
when you can’t even be there for me
you disappear for months at a time
If I never heard from you again
Well that would be just fine
Track Name: Apology
I’m sorry that i left
im sorry that i ran away
im sorry i can never find
the right words to say

I've become a mess
since the last time we met
an emotional disaster
i feel lost and alone

i dont get much sleep these days
I swear I'm losing it
im going insane
im so far away
from everything i know
i dont know what to do
and i need you

im falling apart
without you by my side
i thought i knew what i was doing
but i don't have a clue

I’ll make my mark
i will be something
no matter how long it takes
i wont let this be for nothing

i watch the ice melt in my sweet tea
missing you in this Texas heat
i wish i didn't have to do this alone
Track Name: Alligator! Next Question!
Do you
remember laughing at peacocks diner
Yelling wrong directions
at the designated driver

Do you
remember game night making margaritas
hiding in the closet
when the cops knocked on the apartment door

since then most of us
have parted ways
but to be honest
Lately I’ve been thinking
about the good old days

Do you
remember roasting marshmallows
at the grove
It was cold outside

Do you
Remember hanging out in the stairwell
in the dorm rooms
at TSU

one day
I hope we'll sit at peacocks diner
many years from now
Talking about

Pictionary, too much coffee
“dare me to do it”

Blanket forts and game of thrones
We almost caught the house on fire

and how still to this day no one
knows who locked him in the attic
Track Name: No Hard Feelings
two and a half years down the drain
thinking about it, it drives me insane
he’ll deny it all he wants
but I'm not that dumb

he kept her a secret, he didn't have time
he let me believe he was still mine
he never meant all the things he swore to me
its hard to believe
that he ever even cared about me

dont ask me how I'm feeling
or ask about what he did
i just wanna lay here in silence
and forget about the things he hid
he told me he didn't wanna cut and run
like it never meant anything
but thats exactly what he’d done

he kept her a secret, he didn't have time
he let me believe that he was still mine
Lie after lie I just wanted the truth
I can’t believe
he took me for such a fool
Something he promised he’d never do
Track Name: Nebraska
we were never together
but we would talk like we were
I still have that recording
of your voice that you sent me
When you waited for your friends outside the bar
but I finally deleted
your number from my phone

I know I messed up
shouldn't have said the things I did
I know I effed up
feelings and alcohol don't mix
with late nights
and loneliness

and hey I know you're tired of
hearing about just how sorry I am
this is the last time I’ll apologize
For everything

I dont blame you
for cutting me out of your life
but I still miss you
sometimes I wont lie

The Early November
reminds me of
when we started talking
that was years ago
I need to let it go
it doesn't
matter anymore

I know I messed up
I know i effed up
I’ll pick up the phone if you give me a call
I know I effed up
I know I’m messed up
Shouldn't have been stringing you along